Global Solutions for Contract Electronics Manufacturing.


Equimpment List

   Pick and Place Equipment CLM9000
       Fully Automatic SMD Pick and Place System
       COGNEX Vision System for BGA and Finepitch Components
       CLMCONV Conveyor system

   Reflow Oven
       HEEB HR-240/15 IR Reflow Oven

       HELLER 1500EXL Forsed convection Oven
       HEEB HWL/240 Wave Soldering System
       HOLLIS Wave Soldering System
       TSM Thermode Soldering Machine

   Screen Printers
       SP-100 Programmable Automatic Screen Printer
       HEEB Screen Printer
       CLM901 Soldering and Adhesive Dispensing System

   Rework and Manual Soldering
       Solomon Sl-20, SR-979

       HOLLI CLEAN II HOLLIS Automatic Cleaning System

   Mechanical Assembly
       KILEWS SK-2215LS, SK-3210L Auto Screws Drivers
       DHS Automatic Heat Sealing Machine

   Manual Assembly
Manual Assembly Line