Global Solutions for Contract Electronics Manufacturing.



Automated SMT Assembly

   Automated SMT assembly of single and double sides PCB with CLM9000 pick and place machines
   Maximum size of PCB 300 mm x 400 mm
   Placement accuracy 0.05 mm
   The laser centering system can handle components size ranging from 0402 up to 30 x 30 mm with a pitch down to 0.025in/25 mil (0.6 mm).
   Placing fine-pitch (0.020in/20mil/0.5mm or below), BGA or micro-BGA components with Vision system COGNEX TM. .
   Components handled from tapes, sticks and trays.
   Screen printing solder paste with Programmable Automatic Screen/Stencil Printer SP100.
   Soldering in a ten zone IR reflow oven type HEEB HR-240/15
   Vision inspection before and after soldering.